(6-12-2013) Hello Everyone! I am currently in the process of revamping my business. I plan to relaunch at the end of the summer. I will still be offering custom blog designs at that time, as well as semi custom blog templates, party packages, cards, and home decor printables. I'm super excited about it and hope you'll come back and check it out. See ya this fall! Thanks!

Pricing and Packages

Individual Items

Custom Header -  $20
Custom Background - $15
Button with grab box - $5
Sidebar Labels (minimum of 5 to order) - $1 each
Menu Bar -  $20
Sidebar Menu- $20
Photobar- $10
Custom Signature - $5
Custom Post Divider - $10
Custom Font Installation- $20
Social Networking Icons- $10 for a set
Favicon - $5
Etsy Banner- $10 (you install)
Facebook Badge- $5 (you install)
Facebook Landing Page- $20 (for both fan and none fan pages)
Business Card (design only, you print)- $10

Mini Makeover - $40
includes header, background, 5 sidebar labels and 1 button.
you save $5
Basic Makeover - $65
includes header, background, 1 button,
10 sidebar labels, menu bar, and signature.
you save $10
Mega Makeover- $100
includes header, background, 2 buttons,
10 sidebar labels, menu bar, social networking icons, post divider, font installation
and signature.
you save $20

Extra items beyond what is included in the packages will be charged as an individual item.  However, you can trade out same priced items to make a package that works for you.

Complimentary sidebar and post width adjustments, layout adjustments, and color coordinating blogger fonts included with any makeover package.

*EDIT:  As of 10-17-11 I am no longer including the price of a digital kit in the package price.  The purchase of a digital kit is required for all makeover packages. Most kits range from $2- $8 so please include that in your budget.  The price of the digital kit will be added to your total before your blog is installed.  Thanks for your understanding.